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Roof Cleaning and Sealing by ALLIED SERVICES
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Allied Services offers the latest in Roof Cleaning and Sealing technology to make your roof look new and protect it for years to come. Roof mold and fungus is a chronic problem -- especially in the Southern United States.

Roof shingles are made with a layer of protective ceramic granules. However, weather conditions and time cause these protective granules to erode thus leaving roof surfaces open to mold infestation. See the picture at the top right for an example of a moldy roof. The mold appears as black streaks.

Loss of protective cermaic granules and subsequent mold infestation leads to the breakdown of roof shingles which greatly reduces durability and decreases the length of roof life.

The next picture on the right shows a roof that has been cleaned of mold and treated with our optional PolySeal roof protectant. The PolySeal treatment protects your roof and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Allied Services Roof Cleaning and Sealing is much more affordable than replacing or repairing your roof and offers greater protection. So, remember, Allied Services offers your solution to roof pollution!

Our cleaning and sealing products and methods also work on decks, driveways, concrete surfaces (as seen at right) and a variety of roofing materials. Plus, our products are Earth-friendly!

Call 1-877-THE-WASH today for your free estimate.
That's 1-877-843-9274.

TOP: Mold-infested roof before treatment.

BOTTOM: Clean roof after treatment.

TOP: Concrete patio before treatment

BOTTOM: Clean concrete patio

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